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7 Things Happening RIGHT NOW

It started! I began spotting the morning of Wednesday, June 22, so I contacted the nurse at U of I to let them know. She asked if I could come in at 12:30 that day!

Brian and I had a couples' therapy session at 11 that day, so it worked out perfectly to go straight from therapy to our ultrasound appointment. They checked how everything was looking and told us it was time to start injections that night!

It seemed sudden and quick, but we knew things were going to move fast once we started! Here are a few things that are going on in our lives right now.

7. Shots

We're on day 5 of injections. It's going OK so far - Brian gives me my shots each night around 7:30. We just introduced a new one yesterday....that one stings a bit more, has a bigger needle, and makes me a little dizzy/nauseous afterwards, but I am taking it like a champ!

We made a video to commemorate the beginning of injections! Enjoy!

6. Quarantine = Lots of bon fires & crossword puzzles

Guess what? COVID is still a thing. And if I were to get COVID prior to my egg retrieval, we wouldn't be able to have my retrieval which means all of these injections and hormones and time and money would be wasted!

So, we are quarantining ourselves in my parents' basement (we recently sold our house and moved in with them while we design our dream home on an acreage!). I already work remotely, and now my hubby has joined me for a couple weeks. It's like a big ol' party down here! We don't even go upstairs since we didn't want my mom and dad to change their everyday lives because of us.

Luckily, my parents' house is on the most beautiful farm in the middle of nowhere with views for miles, so the scenery isn't so bad! Nights on the deck and patio are actually quite therapeutic. :)

5. Worrying

Keeping politics out of this, I do worry what the recent overturning of Roe v. Wade could mean for me. If I have an ectopic pregnancy, what will happen? If I get pregnant and the baby doesn't develop as it should, what will happen?

To be honest, I haven't researched or asked questions yet. But I plan to.

4. Ultrasounds

I have my first ultrasound tomorrow morning to find out how my body is responding to the injections. We'll check and see if I am producing lots more follicles like I am supposed to be, and find out when I'll need to have my next ultrasound, which could be as early as the very next day!

This is what I picture it will be like going to the clinic every other day or daily for the next few days. 🤣

3. (Not) planning a fun summer

There are so many variables with IVF that it's impossible to plan. Fourth of July? Might be egg retrieval day. Next Garth Brooks concert? Might be around transfer time.

Plus, with COVID and being extra careful, we are really limited on things we can do and people we can see for the next few weeks/months. SO - if you have any fun ideas of things to do while isolating, please send them our way!

Good thing Brian and I love each other so disgustingly much that we won't get sick of each other. 😜

2. Discussing things that no one should even have to think about

Brian and I have had to talk about a lot of weird things during these last almost 4 years of infertility.

The latest: What will happen to our embryos if one or both of us die? If he dies, do I want to keep them and maybe still try to get pregnant? If I die, what will he do with them? If we both die, where will they go?

Yes. We have to make those decisions and sign on the dotted line.


1. Keeping hope alive

It's hard for me to NOT think the worst when it comes to this stuff. I mean, we never in a million years thought that Brian's TESE surgery would be a failure and we'd find out he has NO sperm.

So, maybe as a defense mechanism, I feel like I am preparing for the worst. Maybe I won't have any good eggs. Maybe the eggs won't fertilize with the sperm in the petri dish. Maybe the embryos won't survive. Maybe the transfer won't work and the embryo won't attach. Maybe the embryo will attach but I miscarry.


I am trying so hard to change my mindset. (It's what I am working on in therapy!) MAYBE I'll get a whole herd of healthy eggs! Maybe all the eggs will fertilize. Maybe all the embryos will survive. Maybe the embryo will attach perfectly and I'll be a mommy in 9 short months.


Keep the hope alive with us friends. Keep praying and sending good vibes. Send over your ideas on what Brian and I can do to pass the time while in quarantine. Text us, or better yet, FaceTime us!

Thank you for being our people! We love you, and appreciate your thoughts and prayers –– ALWAYS!


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