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It's been awhile...

Hi everyone! 👋

If you're reading this, it means you've stuck with us throughout this crazy and humbling journey to parenthood — you've been here for the long periods of overwhelming sadness and the moments of great joy.

I will always hold an abundance of gratitude in my heart for you!

Back when we decided to start a blog (which feels like forever ago!), the main reasons for doing so were clear:

  • Help others in a similar situation feel not so isolated

  • Educate our readers about the difficulties some couples face in growing their family

  • Therapeutic way for me to cope with feelings

  • Ensure our friends and family don't ask us the dreaded question - "So, when are you having kids?!"

What I didn't know when I started Wannabe Mom, was how much I would need YOU...

  • your words of encouragement

  • your texts and phone calls

  • your private messages on social media (from people I've lost touch with over the years to complete strangers who happened to find the blog one day)

  • your empathy when our hearts were breaking

  • your happiness when things were going well

  • your care baskets, flower deliveries, and Rice Krispie Treat porch drop-offs

  • your extra long hugs when I ran into you at Target or Crafty's or the grocery store

  • your comments and messages about how this blog gave you words for your own pain

  • your prayers. Oh, how we needed your prayers

Can you believe our baby girl is already five months old as of June 1!? Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure this is real life!

Now that I am an actual Mom and not a Wannabe Mom, I'm not sure if or how this blog will evolve. However, it's been on my heart to share some things with you in the coming weeks about my pregnancy, our beautiful yet traumatic birthing experience, and Cori's NICU stay.

Because—you know—in true Brian and Teri fashion, none of it came easy.

So, I guess I'm posting this blog today to let you know that I am (kind of?) back. I don't know how often I'll be writing or what all I have to say yet, but thank you for being here for it!

And here is a family photo for good measure! ☺️


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Lorrie Zellweger
Lorrie Zellweger
Jun 07

Such a long journey that brought such happiness! God is Good!!


Jun 06

Congratulations on your beautiful baby Cori, she is truly a beautiful gift from God and an answer to many prayers 🙏🏼❤️

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