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Meet: The Grady Twins

I asked my best friend what I should name the two polyps they just found on the inside of my uterus. Last time it was easy and sweet –– Pixie the Polyp. This time around, I wanted to name them something with a little more 'character'.

First she said Karen and Becky (you know, because "stop being such a Karen" and "what kind of woman sleeps with Beyonce's man?" (Becky with the good hair).

Then she said, "What about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny Devito from the movie Twins?" Sorry bestie, never even heard of that movie.

Then she sent me a creepy pic of the Grady Twins from The Shining. I've never actually seen the movie (I like to sleep peacefully) but she told me everyone else on the planet would get the reference. 😂


Yes friends, it's true. I have not one but TWO more polyps on the inside of my uterus.

If you are new to our journey, you can read about my first polyp (Pixie) here. I was less than thrilled back in June when we found Pixie. But I had the surgery and got her removed.

It is hard for me to comprehend how I now have TWO more polyps in the ideal place for an embryo to implant in my uterus about 6 months after the first one was removed.

Apparently, some women are just more "polypy" than others. Yippee.


So, here's what happened.

At our consultation at the new clinic, I specifically told Courtney (our PA) that I wanted another sonohysterogram (an imaging study of the uterus where the doctor inserts fluid into the uterus via the cervix to examine the uterine lining) before we did anything. Call it instinct or call it luck, but I just felt like we needed to get that checked out again before throwing more time and money down the drain.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, over and over and over:


We started with a look at my ovaries and the lining of my uterus before moving into the sonohysterogram. Both Courtney and the sonogram technician told me my lining looked really "pretty" from the outside. I had to laugh at that –– I never thought of it as pretty!

Seeing how it looked on the outside, it seemed unlikely anything would be found once they put the fluid in.

Imagine the collective surprise of all three of us when the twins showed up on the screen. Unfortunately, Brian couldn't join me for this appointment, so I had to fill him in once I got home.

Already knowing the answer to this question, I asked, "What would cause this so soon after surgery 6 months ago?"

Hormones, of course.

Courtney assured me that she would not be putting me on anymore hormones unless we end up going the IVF route. And if we have to do that, I will be checked routinely for polyps. Whew.

It was recommended we remove the polyps before moving forward with another cycle (Thank God). Somehow they have an opening for surgery THIS Friday, January 28! Less waiting means less anxiety and less lost sleep for me –– so that's a WIN!

I even got to meet and ask questions to the Reproductive Endocrinologist who will be doing the surgery Friday. She seems great!!

After the procedure, Courtney said, "Wow, way to be an advocate for yourself! If we hadn't done that, we would have no idea those polyps were there and would have just gone on with another cycle."

I sound like a song stuck on repeat, but please hear me. When it comes to your health, you've got ALL the skin in the game here. Don't be afraid to speak up.


This ((obviously)) is not what we wanted to happen. And I would be lying if I said I wasn't upset, frustrated, nervous and bummed out about this news.

I am. It totally sucks. After the amazing consultation at our new clinic, I was feeling a new sense of hope and some momentum going into this cycle. This kind of puts a small damper on all that, but I am doing my best to stay positive these next few days leading up to surgery.

My Positivity Reminders

  • I requested the procedure (which wouldn't have been done if I hadn't). GO ME!

  • We are at the right place –– things might not be starting off the way we want, but we found an almost certain obstacle BEFORE trying and failing again

  • I had the same surgery in June, so at least I know what to expect going into Friday

  • Brian already found the world's largest maxi pads for after surgery, so he is not going to have to hunt those down again 🤣

  • They're able to get me in for surgery in just a few days, so less worry time for me 👏

  • The fact that we found these and are getting rid of them is hopefully setting us for unrelenting success in our next cycle!

Now, all I have to do is pass my COVID test on Wednesday!


If you're the praying type (which I know many of you are––you've lifted us up in prayer more times than I can count) here are a few special prayer requests for this week:

  • Negative COVID test Wednesday

  • Calm nerves and low anxiety leading up to Friday

  • Sleep (I tend to worry most when I'm laying in bed trying to fall asleep)

  • Smooth surgery and guidance for the surgeon and anesthesiologist

Thank you in advance. If we haven't told you lately, we love you all!


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1 commentaire

25 janv. 2022

Teri, you are a true warrior. You WILL get through this challenge. The new clinic is on the same wave length with you. Don't give up! Prayers and positive thoughts will get you through this challenge. YOU GOT THIS!

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