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IUI #....wait, just kidding!

Friends, things are a little weird right now. I feel like we're stuck in the Black Hills after our RZR broke down with no cell service and not a soul in sight.

I'm not going to go into a lot of detail because we're also confused, but we trust our doctors and we trust God.

So, here's the rundown of the past three-ish weeks and how I feel about it.


IUI #....

We agreed we'd give Donor Sperm IUI a final chance.




Lucky Number Seven.

I went in for a transvaginal ultrasound on Friday, October 15.

"Your follicles are tiny. Come back on Monday for another ultrasound."

I went in for transvaginal ultrasound #2 on Monday, October 18.

"Your follicles are still not measuring how they typically are at this time. It doesn't look like you're responding to the hormones this month."

Hmm OK. That's new.

So what does that mean?

"You're likely not going to ovulate this month. This can be caused by a variety of things, like hormone imbalance or high stress."

Ummm stress? What's that???????


Just teasing....I can't remember the last time I WASN'T highly stressed.

"We're going to put you on Provera (a new hormone) for 10 days. This should trigger a period within a week after finishing it. Then we'll increase your dosage of Femara to 3 pills a day and see how your body responds next cycle."

Oh boy. More hormones. This will be fun.


The Unknown

So much of this journey has been like walking in the dark without my contacts in, and this new hormone was no exception.

I started the Provera October 18 and began lightly spotting October 23. What? I wasn't expecting that. I called the clinic (have them on speed dial, ya know) and spoke with a nurse who said I'll likely get my period in a couple days and to stop the medicine when I do.

More days go by. Still light spotting. A little heavier spotting.

No period.

At least, I don't think?

I took the Provera October 18-27.

I spotted October 23-30.

For the 5 days between when I ended Provera and went to my next appointment, I was convinced of the following:

  • I had my period and somehow missed it

  • I missed the window to start the next hormone to do another cycle

  • I was going to miss a cycle because I don't even know my own body

I beat myself up daily. How does someone have their period and not even know it? How did I miss this window??? How could I be such an idiot???


Pop Quiz!

How many transvaginal ultrasounds did Teri have in 3 weeks?

4. The answer is 4.

That is a new record.


Meet My New Cyst-er

I know you guys love my horrible puns (and if you don't, at least you pretend). If I can't find a little humor in this situation, I'll literally go nuts.

November 1.

Transvaginal ultrasound #3.

Still no Aunt Flo.

Plus, I've been experiencing some sharp pains in my lower right abdomen.

Oh, hey Teri, you have a cyst on your right ovary!

It's likely caused by––you guessed it!––hormones!

Cysts typically go away on their own and will probably disappear when you have your period!

Which should arrive in the next few days by the looks of your uterine lining!

If it doesn't, come back a week from today for another ultrasound!


One Week Later.

Yesterday (Monday, November 8), I went back to the clinic for another ultrasound because I never got my period.

Cyst = still there.

Uterine lining = still thick

What do we do next?

Start me on three weeks of birth control.


(That's what it sounds like when my mind blows up.)


I have no idea where this journey is leading us, but I have to keep trusting it's somewhere more than good.


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