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IVF Update

we updated our social media pages last night with this devastating news, and wanted to share it on our blog as we know we have some followers who aren't on social media.

we appreciate your ongoing support, prayers, kindness, love and understanding as we process this huge loss in the coming days/weeks.


we are devastated.







yesterday, we found out three of our embryos stopped developing but one was still holding on.

this morning we received the devastating call that the little one didn’t make it.

for the past few days, we escaped to one of our favorite places to forget about life for awhile, and allowed ourselves to hope and dream about the future of our four little embryos growing in Iowa City.

we are on our way home now, with tears in our eyes and a Hochatown onesie in the backseat.



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1 Kommentar

03. Aug. 2022

🙏🏼😢🙏🏼 Praying for you both. My God hold you close to Him always❤️

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