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for all the wannabe moms out there–this is for you ❤️

dedicated to

all the women who FEEL THESE WORDS

Yes, I'm talking to you–the wannabe mom over there in the back

The wannabe mom trying hard to not be seen

The wannabe mom who just experienced another negative result; or another loss; or another medical bill she's not sure how she'll pay

The wannabe mom who has isolated herself from her family

The wannabe mom who won't answer texts or calls

The wannabe mom whose heading to her first fertility appointment; prepping for her HSG; or starting her third month of Clomid

The wannabe mom who cries in the shower because that's where no one will hear her

The wannabe mom who's heard,"Disrobe at the waist down" more times than she can count

The wannabe mom whose best friend just told her she's pregnant (again); whose Facebook feed is blowing up with pregnancy announcements; whose fridge is covered in baby shower and toddler birthday party invitations

The wannabe mom who just found out her third round of IVF is a failure

The wannabe mom who doesn't show up to the party because kids will be there

The wannabe mom who loses it in the middle of Target; whose friends say the wrong things or nothing at all; who has a child but desires another

The wannabe mom who feels behind in life

The wannabe mom who can't get on the same page as her partner

The wannabe mom who's the only bridesmaid without a baby bump; the only one in her circle of friends without kids; the only one at work who doesn't share stories about her kids because she has none

The wannabe mom whose heart breaks on a daily basis

The wannabe mom who's angry with God

The wannabe mom who feels so alone

The wannabe mom who is about to give up.

I see you.

Even though we may not know one another–we're connected.

Even though we're not going through the exact same situation–we understand each other. Even though we're on different journeys–we're intertwined by our experiences.

Let me say it again.

I see you.

And I just wanted you to know that you're not alone.


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Brian Morgan
Brian Morgan
05. Feb. 2021

Awesome post honey!

Gefällt mir
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