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Satirical, Hysterical Infertility Humor

Infertility is scary.

It's heartbreaking.

It's depressing, emotional, and the complete opposite of fun.

It's the darkest, saddest journey of our lives.

How do we get through those dark days?

Faith. Love. Support.


(If you know my husband, you know he's pretty much the funniest guy around. He's always making me laugh––even through my tears.)


Back when we didn't know how hard it was going to be to become parents, I always dreamed of what my life would look like as a new mom.

Baby on my hip, spit-up on my "MOM LIFE" t-shirt, chugging coffee out of my "BEST MOM EVER" mug. Reading the latest "HOW TO BE A GREAT PARENT" book. Toting all the things around in the largest "TIRED AS A MOTHER" embroidered diaper bag. Sipping wine out of my "MOMMY'S SIPPY CUP" wine glass during girl's nights with friends. You get the idea.

This stuff is EVERYWHERE. I mean, I am pretty sure I got stuff like this for all my friends after I found out they were pregnant.

It's the stuff new moms dream of. 😜

Well, I decided to take some of this personalized parent STUFF, and create my own, infertility version. Enjoy 🤣


No Baby On Board


What to Expect When You're...Not Expecting


Infertile est. 2020


(not a) Mama (not a) Bear


Because Infertility'n Ain't Easy



Not Dad Shoes


I hope this brought a tiny smile to your face. When you're going through something hard, sometimes you just need to step back every now and then and lighten the mood. Life is too short to take it so seriously all the time.

We have another appointment with the doctor this week, so I will keep you updated on what's happening soon. 💜


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