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wannabe dad: pharmacist, foot rubber, doctor, shot giver

Just a few updates since our last post:

  • The ultrasound on Tuesday went well - the follicles were showing good growth and we were anticipating retrieval to be either Saturday or Sunday

  • We went in for another scan this morning (Thursday) and retrieval has been delayed to this coming Monday or Tuesday

  • We had to order more meds on Tuesday and they arrived just in time yesterday!

  • We had to order more meds today and hopefully they arrive just in time tomorrow! LOL - never a dull moment

  • We go in for another ultrasound Saturday morning to determine when to do the trigger shots (36 hours from trigger will be retrieval!)

  • I am really hoping for retrieval on Monday - what better way to celebrate the 4th of July! We can't do anything else anyway 🤣

  • Quarantine is going well - we have been with each other 24/7 for 8 days and we haven't gotten sick of each other yet!


OK - let's be honest. We all know why you're REALLY here....

To watch Brian's how-to video debut, of course!

First things first - wannabe dad's outfit is brought to you by: Carhartt, imsocooliwearmysunglassesinside, and 😜

Enjoy! (Our humor makes this experience slightly "less bad".)


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