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YOU get us through the hard days.


I cannot even put into words the amount of love and support we received from friends, family, co-workers and even strangers during National Infertility Awareness Week this week!

And in case you missed it, my husband is the Operations Manager at NCS in Grimes, and his co-workers surprised him Wednesday with this photo. It is safe to say we both cried–it was so incredibly touching!

Plus, they published it on their Facebook page with this caption, "This week is National Infertility Week, and to show support for our Operations Manager and his wife, our team members surprised him with this message today! We support the Morgan family and all families struggling in their fertility journey."

There is nothing better than a corporate workplace rallying around one of their own. Just WOW! I'm tearing up again just writing about it!


RESOLVE is the National Infertility Association. Their theme for the week was What I Want You to Know. They had a 5-day photo challenge and shared personal stories on their website among many other events/activities to spread awareness.

I submitted a brief version of our story and it was featured on their website! Read it here.

Also, to help spread awareness we shared something each day on social media on the topic: #WhatIWantYouToKnow about infertility. If you don't follow me on social media, you can view these below:



When we first decided to start this blog and tell our story, it was incredibly scary. And to be honest, some of our posts still invoke a bit of anxiety when we hit the "PUBLISH" button.

It's all been worth it, though. We're achieving our goal of educating about male infertility as well as helping others who are in this journey to feel less alone.

I actually just received a message the other day from a gal in Ohio who is in an extremely similar situation, down to the current cycle of IUI donor sperm she's on! And a couple weeks before that, a gal from Omaha whose husband was JUST diagnosed with azoospermia came across our blog and reached out to me.

To me, these are TOTAL God winks!! (A God wink is a little "coincidence" that doesn't actually feel like a coincidence but rather a tangible connection to a divine source. I totally recommend this book if you want to learn more about God winks and divine intervention ☺️).



Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your outpouring of love during NIAW: from supportive messages to wearing orange, to flower deliveries and cards, to all the new blog truly felt like receiving a non-stop gigantic hug all week!

But thank you even more for your continued support as we endure through this journey. As we all know, fertility doesn't last just a week (man, I wish that were the case!). So please, stay with us, keep reading, keep liking, keep subscribing, KEEP SHARING!

YOU keep us going on the hard days.


I know ya'll are on pins and needles waiting to find out if the first donor sperm IUI was a success. I promise I'll write about that soon!


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