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You still do ♡

For my sisters, my soulmates, my girlfriends, my besties, my tribe



When I don't

respond to your text or answer your call

or pick up your FaceTime

or follow through with our plans

or watch that funny video you sent

When I don't

listen to your voicemail or watch your Instagram story

or reply to your DM

or engage in our group text

or call you back in an hour

When I don't...

it's because my heart hurts

or I'm too emotionally exhausted to carry a conversation

or isolating myself is easier on my heart than seeing your sweet babies

or I can't stop crying

When I don't...

it's because I'm mourning the loss of our dream

or I'm comforting my husband who's having a bad day

or my phone is put away because being connected is too much right now

or I haven't washed my hair or put on makeup and I don't want to be seen


You still do.

You still text and call and FaceTime

and invite me to do things

and send me those funny videos

and leave me voicemails

and surprise me with my favorite coffee

and send me cards in the mail

and show up at my house

and don't give up on me

You may not understand the magnitude of what I'm feeling, but you understand the

magnitude of our friendship.

And you show up for me.

Every day.

That's all I need.


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