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Top 10 List: David Letterman Style

I've been doing some reflection on the past year, and have been trying to figure out a blog post to close out 2021.

I could write something very profound about a brand new year and all the hope that is on the horizon. How a new year brings new chances and a clean slate.

I could write a summary of all the hurts and disappointments we've endured throughout 2021. The many, many valleys we have been in and the very few mountaintops we reached, only to find ourselves in the valley yet again.

I could write about all my thoughts and feelings and fears and apprehensions going into a new year and uncharted territory. About where we're at in our journey and what's next.

Instead, I've decided to pull a "David Letterman" and wrap the year up with a Top 10 List.

Sometimes humor and love is all we have to keep us moving forward.

Enjoy ☺️


The Top Ten Most Hilarious Moments During Our Quest to Become Parents

10. The time my husband came back to the truck after his consultation in Iowa City and said, "Well, that's not how I thought my first threesome would go!" (Of course, talking about his exam with a female student doctor, female P.A. and his wife on speakerphone 🤣)

9. The time we found out the amount of sperm that is actually in a vial. We paid $1,000 for THIS?!

8. The time my friend made uterus-shaped cookies and dropped them off after my surgery. Have you ever seen such a cute uterus?

7. The time I drove all over town at 5 a.m. trying to find pregnancy tests.

6. The time Brian had to give me my trigger shot and burst out laughing because he "was picturing himself jabbing the shot in my neck and me passing out like they do in the movies."

5. The time we were in Iowa City for Brian's consultation and I couldn't go in due to COVID so had to sit in the parking garage on speakerphone. Well, I had to pee - real bad. Thank God for Venti Starbucks cups, large backseats and farm-girl mentality!

4. ALL the times the excess hormones made me sappy, teary and emotional. Chris Farley tribute on SNL? Sobbed. Didn't even like the guy. Missing computer charger? Total meltdown. Laughing and crying all at the same time? Brian's favorite.

3. The time I got wine drunk the night before our very first IUI then had the most horrific experience with FIVE different speculums before the procedure was over. #donotrecommend #notthatfunnybutkindof

2. The time Brian was tasked with buying maxi pads after my polyp surgery and came home with pads the size of my arm. Literally.

1. The time Brian had to take a sample to the clinic for analysis and sent me this picture 👇. Safety First!


Love, faith and humor play such huge parts in getting us through this time in our lives. If we didn't have those, we wouldn't have much. ❤️

Happy New Year to all our friends, family and our fertility community. We wish you lots of love, health, and baby dust for 2022. xoxo


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2 comentários

Dawn Spauldingmuhr
Dawn Spauldingmuhr
01 de jan. de 2022

You got to love Brian. Guys try sohard when we need help. Whether it's getting pads or helping find our stuff. You guys are sweet. I can see the love ❤ looking at you


Lorrie Zellweger
Lorrie Zellweger
31 de dez. de 2021

Wishing you the best in 2022. Again, thank you for sharing your journey!

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